E&A Waterski for Disabled Skiers

2011 E&A Skiers of the Year!

2011 Europe & Africe Disabled Skiers of the Year

Female:        Delphine Le Sausse (France)
                       Ranked 3rd by IWWF across all divisions

Male:            Christian Lanthaler (Italy)
                       Ranked 4th by IWWF across all divisions


EuroTour Final 2011...

Prize Winners from 2011 EuroTour Final...

  Men Women
Slalom 1. Pietro De Maria (ITA)
2. Daniele Cassioli (ITA)
3. Emanuele Pagnini (ITA)
1. Delphine Le Sausse (FRA)
Tricks 1. Daniele Cassioli (ITA)
2. Uber Riva (ITA)
3. Philippe Turchet (FRA)
1. Delphine Le Sausse (FRA)
Jump 1. Daniele Cassioli (ITA)
2. Philippe Turchet (FRA)
3. Emanuele Pagnini (ITA)
Overall 1. Daniele Cassioli (ITA)
2. Philippe Turchet (FRA)
2. Roger Pop (NED)


2011 World Championships

A huge success with multiple records broken:

Team Results

Individual Results

Results Webpage

Official Website

2010 Europeans - Great Success!

There were some great performances at this year's European Championships.  These results can be found here

11 Countries from across Europe were present at the event at Recetto, Italy which was a great success.

Yet again more records were broken and as soon as the records are confimred they will appear on our website.

Our aim is to ensure that this website holds as much current information as possible in relation to Water Skiing for the Disabled in Europe & Africa.

The site contains information for skiers, officials, federations and anyone that is interested in our sport.

If you have any ideas for things that you think should be included on this site, please feel free to contact the webmaster or any of the Council members.


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