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2019 Calendar


Date Event / Information Venue Competition Code
29-31/04/2019 Disabled (Tournament & Cable) Officials Seminar
 Information  / Hotel  Booking  Form
Antwerp, Belgium n/a
tbc Cable Wakeboard Camp KRK, Croatia n/a
tbc Krk Handi Wake 2019
Krk - Croatia 19EACD001
08/06//2019 Dly Rowlands Memorial Bluebird DWSC, Norwich, GBR 19EACD009
16/06/2019 Slalom Cup
Slalom Only(RC)
San Gervasio, Italy 19EACD002
26/06/2019 Disabled Camp Stavanger, Norway  
27-28/06/2019 Norwegian Nationals Stavanger, Norway 19EACD008
28-30/06/2019 14° International San Gervasio
3 Event (RC)
San Gervasio, Italy 19EACD003
22-28/07/2019 World Disabled Championships
Bulletin #1
Skarnes, Norway 19IWWFD01
23-25/08/2019 Swiss Nationals
Swiss Skiers Only - 3 Event
Bourg-en-Bresse 19EACD007
24/08/2019 Belgian Nationals
Belgian Skiers Only - 3 Event
Mechelen, Belgium 19EACD004
14-16/08/2018 EuroTour Stop Trofeo Tomassini
3 Event (RC)
Recetto, Italy 19EACD005
07-08/09/2019 French Narionals
French Skiers Only - 3 Event
tbc, France 19EACD006
05-06/10/2019 Roma International
3 Event (RC)
Roma, Italy 19EACD010

(RC) - Record Capable

Note:  All Norwegian Tournament Competitions are open for Disabled skiers

If you use a Tournament Competition Code for a Disabled Competition please add a 'D' after the Country Code.  Example: TC Code 19GBR001 = 19GBRD001

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